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Desktop Wallpapers - Ribbon Like

Below is our range of desktop wallpapers of a 3D style and ribbon variety.

Ribbon - why ribbons you might be asking? They look nice. The way the fabric catches the light as it flutters in the virtual breeze.

What is a ribbon you may ask. According to wikipedia it means a thin band of flexible material, typically cloth but also plastic or sometimes metal, used primarily for binding and tying. Cloth ribbons, which most commonly includes silk, are often used in connection with dress, but also applied for innumerable useful, ornamental and symbolical purposes;... Well I'd like to add that is can now be a constructed from a series on pixels on your monitor screen. See below...

It would be intersting to know where the ribbon comes from.A History of Inventions, Discoveries, and Origins - By J. W. (John William) Griffith, William Francis, Johann Beckmann, goes into some detail of where the first looms came from. Hang on... what is this - a history lesson. You didn't come here for this. Get back to the wallpapers. Don't ever let me catch read this kind of ribbon rubbish again. Actually I doubt anyone is reading this. I bet you don't read any of the stuff I put up here - you're just clicking the images aren't you!

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