Top 5 Telephone Answering Reception Services

If you need a telephone answering reception service, there are a number of options available to you. The top companies offer a variety of features that you may want to consider. These include VoiceNation, Ruby Receptionists, Moneypenny, and Numa. Getting a quality telephone answering reception is worth considering if you want a professional, reliable service that can make your business run more smoothly.


If you’re a business owner looking for a telephone answering service that provides live customer service, you might want to look into VoiceNation. The company offers a wide range of packages and features, including 24-hour answering, bilingual receptionists, and smart apps. They also offer customer support to help you set up and customize your account. You can customize your greetings, voicemails, and call analytics. In addition, you can also choose a dedicated account manager.

This virtual receptionist and live answering service also offers a free seven-day trial. You can also choose a monthly payment plan with no contract. The free trial offers unlimited call handling with no extra setup fees or hidden fees. The company also offers a mobile app that allows you to keep track of your usage and view monthly billing.

Ruby Receptionists

With a Ruby virtual receptionist, your phone line can be manned by professionals. You can leave messages for your customers, transfer calls to voicemail, or schedule appointments. The phone answering service works around your schedule and even has an option of setting up delayed call forwarding. With this option, you can set up your Ruby virtual receptionist to answer your calls when you’re not in the office.

Ruby Receptionists’ plans vary in cost. TheĀ after hours on call service first one, which is the cheapest, offers 30 minutes of receptionist time per month. The second, higher-tier plan offers 100 receptionist minutes and 10 voicemail boxes. The company’s executives say this is meant for solo practitioners who are building up their practice. They point out that many solo practitioners use their mobile phone as their primary business phone.


The Numa telephone answering service is an AI-based virtual assistant and concierge platform that enables Main Street USA businesses to thrive. This service can automate your answering service and text messages, allowing you to spend more time running your business. It can even respond to FAQs and complete orders for you. Unlike traditional answering services, Numa will learn about your business and adapt its responses as necessary.

The platform combines unlimited texting and voice services to make the process of answering calls a breeze. The app can be installed on your current business phone system or on your own 1-800 number, and it also works on computers and iPads. Users can easily set up the service in 15 minutes or less. A free trial version is available to check out the product.


Moneypenny offers an array of virtual telecommunication services, but its main focus is on telephone answering reception. This type of service allows businesses to be available to customers even when they are out of the office. Moneypenny’s experienced virtual receptionists will answer every phone call as if they were based in the client’s office. They are also capable of providing legal and real estate answering services.

Moneypenny’s business telephone answering reception service is available for both mobile and office phone systems. Its mobile application lets business owners forward calls to their mobile phones, and they can update their call handling preferences. The app also includes a GPS feature that lets you see where your receptionist is located at any given moment.


ReceptionHQ is a virtual phone answering service that has been providing virtual reception services in Australia and the USA for more than a decade. With a mission to help businesses succeed, the company is constantly developing and innovating to provide the best service for its clients. From small businesses to large corporations, ReceptionHQ can help you make connections with customers and shape customer relationships.

The service is flexible and allows you to choose your own plan. You can even get a free 7-day trial. Then you can pay monthly or choose a monthly plan that works best for you. Reception HQ also has a good customer service team that can help you make the most of your service.

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