Why You Should Have Your AC Recharged

If you have an air conditioning system in your vehicle, you should have it recharged. Not only does it keep you cool, it also filters airborne particles and pollutants, keeping the inside air fresh and healthy. If your air conditioning unit is too old or has seen better days, you might want to consider having it recharged.

Cost of ac recharge in Calgary

Recharging your car’s AC system is not a cheap process. It usually costs about $200 but can go up to $280 for some models. A professional AC recharge is recommended every 10000 miles or so. A recharged AC system may also require related repairs. In addition to recharging the air conditioning system, it can extend the compressor’s life.

The first step in the AC recharge process is to test the coolant fluid level. Low levels can lead to overheating, pressure, and damage to other components of the system. A proper AC recharge refuels your cooling system with the correct amount of coolant fluid, which keeps it running smoothly. This ac recharge Calgary in turn produces cooler air for longer.

The AC system does more than keep you cool. It also filters pollutants and airborne particles from the air. A good AC recharge can keep your car cool while at the same time keeping the air inside it clean.

Signs that your air conditioning system needs to be recharged

If your air conditioning system isn’t blowing cold air anymore, it may be time for a recharge. The problem is that a car’s AC only contains a limited amount of refrigerant, so even a small leak can affect its functioning.

You can detect if your AC needs to be recharged by looking at the vents in your car. They should be blowing cold air. If they are blowing room temperature air, then you should call a professional. A professional AC technician will be able to recharge the system properly.

You should also check the pressures in the system. If they’re low, your technician will start looking for a leak. If he finds a leak, he can add some refrigerant to the system and try to fix it.

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