Engine Machine Shop Calgary

If your car needs engine repair, you may be looking for an engine machine shop Calgary. These professionals will ensure that your car is running like it should. They use industry-leading tools and technology. They also have an ongoing education incentive program. These features combine to make Cetus Auto one of the best engine repair shops Calgary has to offer. Their team has won numerous awards, including the Best in Calgary award, the Consumer Choice Award for Southern Alberta, the Top Choice Award for Excellence, and the Better Business Bureau Torch Award.

Cetus Auto

When your car needs a new engine or you need a regular tune-up, Cetus Auto is the place to go. They offer a full diagnostic service for your car, and you don’t have to worry about voiding your warranty. They use quality parts and back them with a north american guarantee.

They offer services that include cylinder boring, crankshaft grinding, head resurfacing, and engine balancing. Their mechanics are very experienced and have worked on thousands of different engines. They are skilled at fixing both domestic and imported vehicles. They also offer out-of-province inspections, as well as a wide range of other services.

Hillburn Machine Works Inc.

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Hillburn Machine Shop Inc. offers a full range of CNC machine shop services. The company caters to companies in Alberta, Canada, and around the world. Their specialty is theĀ www.cetusautomotive.com/machine-shop-calgary/ oil and gas industry. Their products include down hole tools and flow control products. They are focused on customer needs while remaining within a company’s budget.

Fine Machine Works Inc.

With a team of highly skilled CNC Machinists, Programmers, and Quality Assurance personnel, Fine Machine Works Inc. delivers high-precision CNC Machining for the Oil and Gas industry. They are dedicated to on-time and on-budget delivery of your project. Learn more about their capabilities and how they can help you.

Founded in 2010, Fine Machine Works Inc. is a Canadian company that specializes in the production of precision machining parts for the oil and gas industry. They have over 22 years of experience in the manufacturing of parts and are committed to meeting their clients’ requirements. The team’s commitment to quality and on-time delivery is reflected in their customer testimonials.

Metro Machine Works Inc.

Metro Machine Works Inc. is a company that specializes in precision machining, inspection, processing, and tooling services. Its primary areas of expertise are gas turbine components, honeycomb air seals, shrouds, and other precision machining projects. The company has been in business for approximately 34 years, and generates approximately $2.0 million in annual revenue. It employs 13 people and conducts its manufacturing activities at a single location.

Companies with reviews are a good way to learn about the company culture and what it’s like to work at Metro Machine Works, Inc. Employees can also learn about the company’s compensation and training programs. They can also get tips on interviewing for the job. Unfortunately, there are some negative aspects to the company’s culture. For example, some employees say the company has a lousy environment – it’s located next to a swamp, so mosquitoes are a constant threat.

Sullivan Machine Works Inc.

Located in Calgary, Alberta, Sullivan Machine Works Inc. specializes in subtractive machining. Their team of professionals is highly skilled and committed to exceeding customer expectations. They are also known for their competitive pricing and fast turnaround times. Their machining services cover a wide range of industries, including the aerospace industry, and they can also provide welding services.

The company was founded in 1989 and is dedicated to environmentally friendly production. Its name comes from a mine in Kimberley, Western Australia. In addition to having offices in other cities, the company also has an advanced manufacturing center in Calgary. Additionally, the company has several policies and procedures that help protect the environment.