Journey Through the Clouds on the Rocky Mountaineer

The Rocky Mountaineer is a luxury train company that operates scenic trains on four rail routes in British Columbia, Alberta, Colorado, and Utah. If you’re interested in rail tours of Canada, Rocky Mountaineer offers a wide variety of options, including a journey through the clouds. There are also numerous dining options available.

Journey through the Clouds route

The Journey through the Clouds route on the Rocky Mountaineer begins in Jasper and travels through the Canadian National route. This route was first opened in 1917 and was initially called the Yellowhead route. The company has renamed the route as Journey through the Clouds since 2010. It leaves Jasper around 8am and heads up the Yellowhead Pass, the lowest and most scenic route through the Canadian Rockies. The train then crosses Kicking Horse Pass, which is more difficult. However, because of political tensions in the area, the Canadian Pacific chose this route as a way to protect their territory.

The Journey through the Clouds route on the Rocky Mountaineer follows the same route as the Canadian and has several departures a week. This train costs approximately $164 for an economy class ticket, while the Journey through the Clouds route costs over $1,000. If you are traveling on a budget, it’s worth checking out the Canadian’s lower fare. The Canadian departs on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Dining options

If you’re looking for a unique dining experience, then you may want to consider the Rocky Mountaineer. There are two main dining options on board, and each menu is unique. The first option features vegetarian fare, while the second offers a range of choices including fish, meat, and poultry. ThereĀ are also plenty of snack options, including spicy mixes, dried fruits, and nuts.

The second dining option, the GoldLeaf Service, is more extravagant. It costs extra and requires leaving your regular seat, but you’ll enjoy a beautiful dining car with crisp white linens and elegant decor. Breakfast is also offered on two seatings each day, and you can choose between five different options. You can also purchase drinks and scones on the train.


The Rocky Mountaineer offers spectacular dining. The train’s Coastal Passage departs in the evening and includes a dinner, but the rest of the routes feature breakfast and lunch. SilverLeaf Service guests are served meals at their seats; GoldLeaf Service passengers have the option of dining in a separate dining car, ordering from a three-course a la carte menu. Rocky Mountaineer also serves snacks throughout the day. The menu features local ingredients and Canadian Okangan wines.

Prices vary, so it is best to check before you book. The Rocky Mountaineer runs twice a week from mid-April to mid-October. The train makes stops in various cities and towns along the way. You can stay overnight in any of the cities along the way, or you can upgrade to one of the luxury SilverLeaf or GoldLeaf carriages.

Booking a trip on the Rocky Mountaineer

Travelers on the Rocky Mountaineer are treated to a luxurious and relaxing experience. The seats are spacious and the windows are huge, and guests are welcomed with a variety of treats. A host even brings passengers beverages and treats, which adds to the experience. Guests are advised to dress comfortably, but it’s important to keep in mind the temperature and weather conditions.

The ideal season to visit the Rockies is spring, when the waterfalls and rivers are at their most picturesque. It’s also when bears emerge from hibernation. Summer is also a great time to observe baby animals, while autumn brings fall color to the hardwood trees.