Types of Limousines

The word limousine originates in a town in France called Limousin. In the beginning, the limousine was not a vehicle, but rather a hooded cloak worn by shepherds. In time, Parisian coach-builders began calling their covered coaches limousines, so that wealthy passengers could ride under the cover and be chauffeured by the horse-powered vehicle.

Stretch limos

Stretch limousines are a great option for a wedding or other special event. These luxurious vehicles are chauffeur-driven and have a partition between the driver and the passengers. A stretch limousine can accommodate up to eight passengers, including the driver.

Hummer limos

If you are looking for a luxury ride for your wedding, prom, or any special event, a Hummer limousine is the perfect choice. Unlike traditional limousines, a Hummer limousine has all of the amenities you could want to make your day unforgettable. Its luxurious interior features fiber optic lighting, LED touch screen controls, and premium sound system. You can even plug in your MP3 player and listen to your own music while you ride.

Mini SUVs

Limousines that fit up to six passengers are usually equipped with SUVs. They offer extra leg and head room and extra luggage space. They also offer superior touring comfort for long journeys. Stretch limousines are luxurious vehicles suitable for special occasions. They feature LED TVs and CD players. They are available in various sizes, including 6 and 10 passenger SUVs.

Hybrid limos

Hybrid limousines are a relatively new trend in theĀ limousines limousine industry. They are expensive, but they are also more eco-friendly. Many eco-friendly vehicles are becoming popular, including the Toyota Prius limousine. Not only does it have a high room capacity, but it also gets high gas mileage. Hybrid vehicles can also reduce a company’s carbon footprint, which is valuable if it is going to reduce pollution.


There are many different types of limousines. Each has a different purpose, number of passengers, colors, and amenities. Sedans are one of the most common types of limousines. The term sedan is derived from the Latin word sedes, which means “to sit.” The term was first used in the early 1600s, and today is a synonym for a luxury sedan. A typical sedan limousine can accommodate three passengers comfortably. It is typically used for business travelers and executives.

Custom limos

Custom limos are vehicles designed to meet a client’s unique needs. While some car manufacturers build standard limousines, others specialize in making limos to suit a client’s needs. The Figueroa company, for example, has been building limos for 15 years, and specializes in creating vehicles that are both unique and highly functional. Figueroa’s customers are usually companies that rent out their vehicles. However, five percent of his customers are private owners, and those who want to customize their vehicles will often pay between $40,000 and $50,000.

Vintage limos

If you want to travel in style, vintage limousines are perfect for you. Choose from classic cars like Cadillac and Rolls Royce. You can even reserve a chauffeured vintage limo if you wish.